Hey Fat Roland

S01E01 - Have You Ever Worn Shoes? (Lenni Sanders, Ross McCaffrey, Julie Burrow)

July 17, 2016

Hey, this is a new fortnightly podcast about meeting people by me, Manchester spoken word idiot Fat Roland. In episode one, I meet Lenni, Ross and Julie. Who the heck?! They are poet Lenni SandersRoss McCaffrey from the Powder Keg theatre company, and ace actor-ist Julie Burrow. I ask them questions from a bag, from a newspaper and from a microwave respectively. Also my producer Lee and I talk about people we have met (namely an anesthetist and a astronomologer), and we're dead intelligent and that because we use words. Extra thanks for this episode goes to Fran Slater3MTGulliversBlackwell's and those that came to the live recordings that didn't quite work out. If you like this podcast, do tweet about it (I'm @FatRoland) and get others to subscribe. This is the first of ten episodes and if it goes well, there'll be other series until we run out of internet. Do come to my Edinburgh show Hey Fat Roland! 40 Minutes Of Idiot. The Hey Fat Roland podcast is written by Fat Roland with additional material by Lee Moore. It is produced for the internet by Lee & Eyan.