S01E10 - Bonbon and Bangbang and Beyonce (Bonbon Experiment, Sister Bangbang Ladesh)

February 7, 2017

This is the last episode in series one. Fat Roland meets the man behind the music project Bonbon Experiment, Adrian Slatcher, and the performance artist Sister Bang Bang Ladesh (buy tickets for our Feb 17th Mother's Ruin gig here). Also Producer Lee says there's a hugely important review of a Beyonce record which should get us 17% more listens.


S01E09 - Space! (Rod Tame, Ros Chappelle)

January 23, 2017

It's back! Hey I’m Fat Roland and welcome to episode 9 of my podcast about meeting people. In this episode I meet Rod Tame who knows all about Dr Who, and Ros Chappelle who knows all about people made of fairy dust. Oh and I review Rogue One because I am PROPER CULTURAL AND THAT.

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S01 extra - Rubbish Outtakes

November 29, 2016

Hey, I’m Fat Roland, and you will have noticed that there hasn’t been a new episode for ages. This is because I done got a new job. We do still have two episodes of this series of Hey Fat Roland left and they will get done in your ears soon. In the meantime, there's this...


S01E08- If Trees Are Made Of Sticks (Greg Thorpe, Morag Rose, John Klark)

October 23, 2016

HeyFat Roland is a podcast about meeting people by me, Fat Roland. In episodeeight of ten, let's chat with Superbia’s Greg Thorpe, psychogeographer Morag Rose of the Loiterers Resistance Movement, and creater of the show Hashtag Digital Goy John Klark. Meanwhile Producer Lee meets Simon Mayo and then doesn’tmeet him, and Fat Roland sits on a man on some nails. 


S01E07 - Double Bottom / Stinky Toe (Thick Richard, Adam Farrer, Jack Evans)

October 12, 2016

Hey Fat Roland is a podcast about meeting people by me, Fat Roland. In episode seven, I meet Thick Richard (who invites you to his Swear School next week), Real Story’s Adam Farrer (who pays in bags), standup Jack Evans (who’s now officially better than comedian legend Daniel Kitson), and, as ever, the anatidaephobic Producer Lee. This episode contains bleeped swearing and other words bleeped to sound like swearing. Please rate, review and subscribe!


S01E06 - Boooooom! (Kate Feld, Keisha Thompson, Anna Percy)

September 26, 2016

Hey Fat Roland is a podcast about meeting people by me, Fat Roland. This is a proper cultured one, with Manchester Literature Festival’s Kate FeldContact Theatre’s Keisha Thompson (pictured) and Stirred Poetry’s Anna Percy. There are several litigious moments and I use the phrase “Penge’s Regret”. Producer Lee and I regress to our childhoods to talk about fighting and ghosts. This is episode six of ten. Enjoyed it all so far? Do rate, review, subscribe or invent a little Hey Fat Roland dance. Boom!


S01E05 - The Truth About Rabbit Poo (Mark Powell, David Hartley, Ella Gainsborough)

September 11, 2016

Hey Fat Roland is a podcast about meeting people by me, Fat Roland. In this fifth feisty episode, I word-wrestle with Tales of Whatever’s Mark PowellSpeakeasy’s David Hartley and Evidently’s Ella Gainsborough. One of them has an amazing laugh. And yes Producer Lee is back kowtowing to my royal demands and getting all freaked in Malaysia. See if you can spot me saying “trousers” for no reason at all. Discretion advised: this podcast contains monkeys and rabbits. Do rate, review and subscribe!


S01E04 - Bear In The Air (Seraphina Madsen, Thom Hammersley, Laura Simms-Luddington)

August 29, 2016

Hey Fat Roland is a podcast about meeting people by me, Fat Roland. In this fourth scandalous episode, I chat with Dodo Ink author Seraphina Madsen who is seventeen levels of cool. I also meet proper singers in proper bands: Rocketship Forest’s Thom Hammersley and Monkeys In Love’s Laura Simms-Luddington (pictured). One of these three refuses to answer a question and I go all Paxman on them. Producer Lee and I talk comedy and glidding. What-ing?! Listen and find out. Do rate, review and subscribe!


S01E03 - International Fringe Wazzock (Daniel Carpenter, Zach Roddis, Ros Ballinger)

August 14, 2016

Hey Fat Roland is a fortnightly podcast about meeting people by me, Fat Roland. In the third of ten highly public disasters,I speak to Bad Language co-founder Daniel Carpenter about clouds, I meet ex-poet Zach Roddis at the Edinburgh Fringe, and I check my sexiness with Ros Ballinger (pictured) who's bringing The Idiot’s Guide To Kink to the Camden Fringe. Oh and Producer Lee and I share stories about people we’ve met. Kind of. This episode is 3% better than a wordsearch so do subscribe and rate.


S01E02 - Crawling Babes And Oilskins (Wyl Menmuir, Nicholas Royle, Sarah-Clare Conlon, Alex Webb)

July 31, 2016

Hey Fat Roland is a new fortnightly podcast about meeting people by me, Manchester idiot Fat Roland. In the second of ten tragic episodes, I speak about the Man Booker Prize with Wyl Menmuir and Nicholas Royle. I also waffle French with Sarah Clare-Conlon and talk teachers with Alex WebbProducer Lee hits my lobbed words straight back at me like, er, a tennis person as we ponder upon skydiving and footballing. Hat doff to Salt Publishing. Apparently if you give this five stars on iTunes, a fairy dies. Stupid fairies. Get those five stars rolling in.